Pool Access

1. KV's HOA dues are to be paid by May 1st in order to be assured use of the pool when it opens. It is each member's responsibility to pay these dues on time. A member very well may be denied access to the pool if a late payment is made due to the need to update the records at the pool. While we have board members in place to keep these records and attempt to ensure your late payment provides you access to the amenities it is YOUR responsibility to pay them on time. Board members have families and full time jobs that take precedence over making special arrangements for members that haven't paid their dues on time.

2. If you are paying your dues late, DO NOT BRING THEM TO THE POOL AND ATTEMPT TO PAY THE POOL STAFF EXPECTING IMMEDIATE ENTRY! You might inquire if a board member is present at the pool in order to give it to them, however, there is no guarantee this will be the case. You will be denied entry until you can make arrangements with the treasurer or another board member in order to make your late payment. The pool staff is not to accept dues money and will direct you to contact a board member.

3. Upon your first visit to the pool, you shall be asked to fill out your pool card with the names, ages, and relationships of the residents of your household. This has been the practice in recent years but will now be stringently enforced. Anyone that is NOT a resident of your household should not be listed on your card and will need to be registered as guests. You are given an allotment of free guest passes, but additional passes can be purchased from the pool staff.

4. Guests of members MAY NOT visit the pool without a member being present to check them in. This is for the safety and security of everyone in the neighborhood and to ensure the integrity of the HOA. This has been the practice for several years but will be stringently enforced. DO NOT expect to be able to send your guests to the pool by proxy, phone, word-of-mouth approval, etc.

5. If you are renting a property in the neighborhood, contact your landlord in order to get a copy of the lease agreement. You will be required to produce confirmation of residency and will be denied access to the pool if the association is unable to verify your residency or lacks the proper information to ensure you are a valid member of the association.

6. No drinks IN the pool.

7. No glass bottles in the pool or poolside.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a board member or attend a board meeting for further explanation.